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EARLY IS BEST is a series of education programs designed by expert junior primary school teacher, Beverley Berger whose philosophy is just that – “EARLY IS BEST” when education foundations are concerned.

The younger one starts instilling good learning habits and methods in your children, the better. However most parents , child caregivers and even some teachers in the rural areas , have very little knowledge of how to go about this.

As these are the first educators a child has, it is important that they are equipped with tools and knowledge on how children learn to read and write. This is where Early is Best comes into play and provides a solid foundation in formal learning on which to build.

Give your child a head start with Early is Best!”
Educational programmes design for kids between the ages of 2 & 7 years old.

​T​each your kid to read at an early age and open them up to a world of opportunities.

Enhance your child’s fine motor skills with Early is Best’s writing sessions

Unlock your child’s potential with with Early is Best’s arithmetic classes.